Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hard Times

"Why would I like a band called Bonerama?" she asked incredulously, obviously misinterpreting the moniker. Indeed, the New Orleans-based funk band Bonerama is best Googled with your SafeSearch on, but that hardly dampens my enthusiasm for the group.

According to the band biography, the band was conceived by trombonists Mark Mullin and Craig Klein while they were playing in Harry Connick, Jr.'s big band. Bonerama is fronted by four trombonists backed by guitar, drums, and Matt Perrine on sousaphone and bass. The group plays New Orleans standards, originals, and (my favorite, of course) classic rock covers.

You can check out Bonerama's website and learn how they plan to revolutionize live music's funding issues by incorporating supporters into the band through the Boner Donor program.

I should note, as well, that Iowa's own Dana Telsrow plays sousaphone in Iowa City's most prominent Bonerama-tribute band, the BBQ Mansion Brass Band.

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