Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kool Kube

In compiling a survey of ensembles that use tuba in a non-traditional role, I have to remind myself that ensembles consisting entirely (or nearly entirely) of tubas are by default fair game. As a result, I present the Modern Jazz Tuba Project.

This group is modeled after a big band, but instead of the usual horn sections, the voicings are played by three euphoniums and three tubas (the current tuba roster is Joe Murphy, Richard Perry, and R. Winston Morris). This unique timbre is backed up by a traditional rhythm section.

Based on Harvey Phillips' and Rich Matteson's collaboration in the Tubajazz Consort, MJTP handles a variety of jazz styles and many original tunes. I don't often like "tuba music" per se, but I think they're pretty darn good

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